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Troyevan Saragih (Speaker)

Life is all about growing. A kid who wished to be a doctor grew today to be a wonderful entrepreneur as well as an inspiring motivational speaker. Troyevan Saragih as a kid used to help his mother selling groceries when realized what he loved was interacting with new personalities, and convincing them to purchase his goods. Today, he is a creator and a processor of four diversified companies: UTINDO CreativeWorks, Motivatory Indonesia, Troyeebags Indonesia, and Personal Power Class. Troyevan set out to change himself with the inspiration and confidence that his mother furnished him. His journey to be a change maker was full of hindrance but his willingness to help people with his deeds didn’t let it down. So, with the same enthusiasm, he was able to train and motivate people to develop the personal performance and mentor them in various national and international seminars. UTINDO CreativeWorks along with him to serve different companies, government organization for training and motivation on their demands. Consequently, Troyeebags produces export quality local bags with brand of Troyeebags, TRBX, and Nave Higaras. Correspondingly, UTINDO CreativeWorks advertises business focusing on nationwide creative and digital marketing tasks. These deeds are promoting local brands which enhance internal and external market.