Investment and Economics Bootcamp

Welcome to Investment and Economics Boot Camp 2019. 



IE Boot camp is a platform to everyone looking to take step into the world of Investments and Economics. The first edition is set to be hosted in Chitlang Organic resort, this Ashar 7 and 8, which is Saturday and Sunday.

Speakers for the event are:

1. Nandan Hari Sharma - Former CEO of Citizens Investment Trust

2. Rukmagat Kaphle - Stock Analyst 

3. Chiranjibi Bhattarai - Business News Desk Editor at News 24 

and many more.

These 2 days you will learn about what kind of investments you can get into. How people make up name in investment in the world and moreoever in Nepal. Even if you are a layman when you enter and by the time you exist, you will be able to know the procedure and perform investment and trade in shares, stocks and manymore. 

Moreover, the fresh ambience of Chitlang is it's self a prime location be off from the daily busy schedule and learn something. Do fill up the form here and secure your seat:\HERE\

See you at the Boot Camp :) :) 

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